10 beaches of Elba that will make you forget about the Caribbean

The island of Elba is an easy-to-reach holiday destination with over 200 beaches and a wide variety of landscapes.

We have chosen 10 of the most beautiful beaches, easy to reach by car, that have nothing to envy to the Caribbean.

A different beach every day? There is no need to travel far away to some exotic destination: it takes only a one-hour ferry ride from the coast of Tuscany to get there.

The Island of Elba, the biggest of Italy’s minor islands, offers a wide variety of landscapes and beaches (over 200!) and is the perfect destination for families as well as for scuba diving and nature lovers.

The largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago Natural Park, it is protected within the Unesco MAB (Man and Biosphere) programme.

Bookings for the summer season 2020 are already open and thanks to the project Elbaok, your holidays are covered by an insurance.

We have chosen 10 beaches, easy to reach by car or on foot, that have nothing to envy to the Caribbean. Would you like to explore them in advance? Browse our gallery and check them out at elbasmartexploring.com


1 – Le Ghiaie beach

Located on the north-east of the island, very close to Portoferraio, it is one of the most popular beaches for the beauty of its seabed and for its gray-blue pebbles smoothed by the sea. Legend has it that the Argonauts landed on this beach during their journey in search of the Golden Fleece, used the soft pieces of stone to dry up their sweat, which left indelible marks on them. When the sirocco wind blows, the water becomes even more transparent and is perfect for snorkeling.


2 – Sottobomba beach

Not very large and secluded, Sottobomba beach is facing north and is surrounded by a white cliff. This beautiful beach is worth the effort of the 100 stone-steps path you have to walk to get there.


3 – Fetovaia beach

One of the island’s most evocative beaches, Fetovaia is located on the southwestern coast, facing the Island of Pianosa and with Mount Capanne at its back. Its name means “fertile land” and thanks to its white and golden sand and its position sheltered from the winds, it is especially loved by the locals. The stretch of sea in front of the bay is forbidden to boats, which makes its waters safe for swimmers and divers. Perfect for families.


4 – Lacona beach

Located right in front of Montecristo Island, made famous by Dumas’s novel “The Count of Montecristo”, Lacona beach is a stretch of very fine golden sand and shallow waters in a unique environment. In fact, close to the sandy shore you can find a protected natural area made of a pine tree forest and sand dunes dotted with Mediterranean scrub and rare floral species such as the sea lily, the Ophrys apifera orchid and sea chamomile.


5 – Capo Bianco beach

White pebbles and inviting turquoise water are the characteristics of this beach of unique beauty. Capo Bianco is framed by white cliffs,  and when the ancient Greeks landed on this beach for the first time, they named it Porto Argoo (Argos means “white” in Greek), the name that was also given to the town of Portoferraio until the arrival of Cosimo I de ‘Medici.


6 – Paolina beach

Very close to Marciana Marina, this beach and the islet right in front of it owe its name – and fame – to Napoleon’s sister, Paolina Bonaparte Borghese, who accompanied her brother on the island and who loved to swim and sunbathe there. Legend has it that she used to swim naked to the islet, where she could be caressed by the sun and the wind without being seen.


7 – Nisporto beach

Facing north, this beach is located in Rio nell’Elba and is made of multicoloured pebbles mixed with sand. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful holiday, the beach is very popular with families and snorkelers. Near the beach, you can find and old red brick stone furnace called “della Ballerina”, which was owned by Lucia Galli, who was the principal dancer at Teatro della Scala in Milan in the early twentieth century.


8 – Biodola beach

Overlooking the gulf with the same name, this natural amphitheatre is one of the most popular beaches of the island. With its golden sand and Mediterranean scrub that reaches the sea, as well as an extension which makes it perfect for walks, Biodola is the ideal beach both for families and for young people (also because of the several night clubs located in the area).


9 – Acquavivetta beach

The Sorgente beach, also called Acquavivetta, owes its name to a source of water located in a ditch nearby. Perfect water, sand and gravel characterize this beach, from where you can take also reach the nearby beach of Sansone via a panoramic path.


10 – Sant’Andrea beach

Between Marciana and Marina di Campo, facing Corsica, the beach of Sant’Andrea, is surrounded by granite rocks. In ancient times ships used to land here to load wine. Today, it is especially popular as a scuba diving paradise.

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