Elba.. will you marry me?

Romantic bays, villages and medieval fortresses, full of charm, terraces with views allover the sea, lush meadows, flowers with a thousand scents of the Mediterranean maquis and simple romantic churches of stone up to real basilicas, complete with frescoes, stucco and pompous marble.

The island of Elba offers many appropriate places for your most beautiful day, so that the fun and excitement already starts with the selection of the location. It begins with the simplest ­ the vows in the presence of close friends, barefoot on the sand, in an intimate setting. Or do you prefer a big ceremony with love to the details, with a wedding planner who is ready to help you in every single decision.

Imagine the photo shoot then: a rocky landscape in the sunset, a bright beach surrounded by a tropical sea, the intimacy of the old streets in the small ports of the villages or hilly areas where your clothes, hairstyles and of course your love will be perfectly set.

Wedding à la Guinness. Until today one speaks of the underwater wedding in Morcone, Capoliveri, in the year 2010: everything has been done under water. The bride was wearing a white diving suit and the unusual maid of honor, italian showgirl Antonella Elia, appeared totally in fucsia. The guest, exactly 261 and they were all divers, entered the Guinness Book of Records for the dive with the most participants in history.

Wedding VIP. The exclusivity of certain places and the historical confidentiality of Elba also attracts numerous VIPs to the island. Recently the news about the Olympic Diver Tania Cagnotto: she loves sailing and simplicity and already planned her wedding in September 2016 with her boyfriend Stefano, after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The plan? To swear each other eternal love barefoot in the sand in a private bay.

But what about the honeymoon? Don’t worry! Many facilities offer special all inclusive packages for couples in the most romantic suites. They are pleaded to organise everything for you during the first days of your new chapter in live so that you only have to relax and enjoy your time together.

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Silvia Bracci

Grafica Pubblicitaria fiorentina di nascita, Guida Ambientale Escursionistica elbana d'adozione. Corrispondente per i comuni di Marciana e Marciana Marina.

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