7 wild (or almost-wild) beaches of the Island of Elba

Reaching these remote shores can be quite a challenge, which is always rewarded by natural settings of unique beauty, authenticity and tranqility.

The island of Elba  offers an exceptional variety of beaches; some visitors, however, are looking for a “different” experience, and venture in the most secluded coastal areas, searching for the opportunity to relax on deserted and unknown beaches.

Generally, these beaches are more difficult to reach by land and in some cases they can only be reached by sea, by boat or swimming from a nearby beach.

Cala dei Frati

With its pebbles of white gravel, crystal clear waters and magnificent cliffs covered with scrub plunging into the sea,  the beach of Cala dei Frati is part of the Scoglietto Marine Reserve, a protected bio-marine oasis. You can get there by boat or swimming from the Ghiaie beach.

Cannello beach

On the southern side of Monte Calamita, on Cannello beach, nature is taking over the remains of the ancient iron mines, creating an almost surreal landscape.
The beach is made of dark sand contrasting with large light, grey and white stones.

Acquarilli beach

Rather isolated due to its location not easily accessible, the 300 meters long beach of Acquarilli is made of black sand and pebbles, and is particularly attractive for its transparent waters and the exceptional view of the entire gulf that can be admired from the top of the promontory above. The beach is an ideal destination for lovers of naturism.

Tombe Beach

Following a path near Fetovaia, you can reach the beach of the Tombs. An oasis where nature and silence are dominating. Although the path is not the easiest, you will be rewarded by the beauty of the landscape overlooking Pianosa and Corsica and, above all, by the peace and calm the place brings.

Buzzancone beach

Enclosed between two large cliffs, Buzzancone beach is the ideal place to combine relaxation and tranquility with enchanting snorkeling sessions to discover the underwater fauna and flora of the surrounding rocks.

The beach stretches for about 50 meters, sorrounded by a Mediterranean scrub that almost touches the sea.

Zupignano beach

A beach with a particular geological conformation that can only be reached by sea, the beach of Zupignano is surrounded by very steep rocky ridges, and is made of small smooth pebbles. You can easily land there by literally any type of boat, even by canoe or kayak, starting from Bagnaia beach.

Campo lo Feno beach

Perched along the west coast of the island, lost among the numerous cliffs plunging into the sea, there is the beach of Campo lo Feno, made of pebbles and smooth stones. Since the path to the beach is very demanding, most people chose to reach it by boat. Tranquility and a view over the island of Capraia are a plus!

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