7 wonders of Elba

7 municipalities, 7 wonders: experiences, monuments, landscapes and much more, for a truly unforgettable holiday at the island of Elba.

Portoferraio: Memory

The monuments and historical buildings of Portoferraio give evidence of all the foreign dominations on Elba over the centuries. Observe carefully, and you will recognize the distinctive traces left by each civilization that occupied the island.

Porto Azzurro: Color

Brigth colors, friendly people, enchanting alleys and a lively atmosphere around the clock: if you are in bad mood, a walk around the town of Porto Azzurro is a real cheer up – especially if you love shopping, because every single shop is worth a visit!

Capoliveri: Nature

Sorrounded by an amazing landscape, the municipality of Capoliveri hides wonderful places waiting to be discovered. If you are a nature lover, it is a must to stop over in this area, and enjoy enchanting hikes in the maquis and beaches of unique beauty.

Rio: Taste

The secrets of Elban cuisine are kept here: the Rio area is in fact the favourite destination for food lovers. Typical dishes such as Sburrita, Stockfish alla Riese, Gurguglione and Schiaccia Briaca, have the flavor of the sea in spring and summer and of the earth and the forest in autumn and winter. Do not indulge too much, or you’ll decide to move here!

Marciana: adventure

Standing out on top of the island, Mount Capanne, in the municipality of Marciana, is the ideal place for those who love trekking and walking at high altitude; the views are so beautiful up there, that you will get the perfect background for your photos from any angle!

Marciana Marina: Friendship

Have you ever heard of the miraculous properties of Elban wine? If the answer is no, we recommend a visit to the cellars of Marciana Marina and their amazing quality and variety. An opportunity to meditate or to share time with the people you love.

Campo nell’Elba: Relaxation

Do you love long, sand beaches and their bright light? Do you enjoy spending your day on the beach in total comfort? The Lido di Marina di Campo, the largest beach on the island, is the most popular seaside resort in the summer season. Seeing is believing!

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