Among the varity of enogastronomic products can’t be missed the Aleatico Passito Elba:
It has be awarded by the italian warranty mark DOCG (the short version of Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) that puts it in the first row of its category.

Its production is typical for Elba, an antique tradition that still has its place in the islands agricultural farms. Cultivated in the typical terraces above the sea it gets controllated by devoted winegrowers, like long time ago.

The Aleatico is selected from 100% fine aleatico grapes which may be dried outside. It has a ruby red color, intense aromas of red fruits and a sweet taste that blends perfectly with the typical elban pastry “schiaccia briaca”.

The legend wants that Napoleon Bonaparte, during the landing on Elba, at the entrance to the bay of Portoferraio on May 4, 1814, observed the island through a telescope.

A big vinetard attracted his attention, the so called “La Chiusa” which was directed by the descendants of Foresi since the seventeenth century. According to tradition he reached it on a sloop where he tried a ruby red sweet wine which sent him instantly into transports of a joy.

On this day, Napoleon discovered his favorite wine: the Aleatico.

ph: Caterina

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