Under the surface of the sea, in a beautiful island in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, you can experience unique encounters.

We’re talking about Pianosa and its depths!

Initially, Pianosa was opened to diving in July 2013, with the installation of four buoys (SP2, SP3, Sp6, Sp7). It was immediately easy to realize the great biodiversity of this depth. A Mediterranean of the past, as we’ve said many times: a place where time seems to have stopped.

This year, to make this place even more unique, the Park has done the installation of a new buoy (Sp5) giving the opportunity to many divers to get even more excited! Tuna, Dentex, Barracuda, Flat Lobster and large Grouper. And then caves, anfractuosities and light games, in a water as always clear.

You just have to prepare your gear and come to experience for yourself what we have tried to tell you.

There is a very severe regulation for diving in Pianosa. You can not dive every day and at all times of the year. In this period, you still have a few days to explore its depths. The authorized Diving Centers will provide you with all the necessary information, that you can also find on the site of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

Good bubbles by Visit Elba!

Ph Piergiacomo De Cecco – boa Sp5 Pianosa 2017

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