Autumn on the island of Elba: from good to better

Autumn on the island of Elba is always a great chance to enjoy a holiday in complete quietness. The mild climate of the island still allows you to enjoy nature, lots of outdoor activities, not to mention the tours in the Elban villages that show off all their charm!

Can you still go to the seaside?

Yup! Beaches become a magic place, with few people around, and retain all their beauty. The water is still suitable for bathing and diving, and many touristic services are also available.

Visits to local attractions?

Bookings for places such as museums, Napoleonic villas and other places of interest are practically non-existent. So, you can visit more places along the same day, still taking all the needed time for a pleasant stay. If you love locale food, best destination are the autumn “sage”, perfect for spending a nice evening in the name of good Elban cuisine.

Every wish has its  path

True! The paths and the different itineraries change their appearance every season and allow experience new emotions, that feeling of change in the air, the forest that bears the fruits of the season, the new colours and the wonderful scents that transmit a sense of peace. Chestnuts, mushrooms and corbezzoli (strawberry trees) are the undisputed protagonists, which end up in the recipes of local cuisine.

Choose the “green” way

All kind of Cycling  – even the sportiest ones – are the perfect way to visit the island, appreciating its beauty and its magnificent views along the island’s roads. Leave your car and rent a bike: make your holiday much greener and healthier. For the more sporty, it is the opportunity to try dirt routes, such as the Bike Park or other.

What should I absolutely not miss?

Everything! The most surprising side of Elba, in autumn, is certainly the quietness that welcomes you once you set foot on the island, and you can still enjoy events and places to see. At least once in a lifetime, the island of Elba should be visited in its most romantic season.

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