Among typical elban pastry you can’t miss the famous Castagnaccio!

Traditionally people had it in autumn but today you will find it all year round on Elba island.
After the chestnut season you can prepare it in winter and spring with the remaining flour.

It is a pastry that has its origins in the so-called “cucina povera” (literally meaning poor kitchen), the kitchen of farmers and countrymen, and will seduce you even before the first bite with its extraordinary flavour.

The ingredients are few … but the result is guaranteed!

You need 750 ml of water, 500 g of chestnut flour, 100 g walnuts, 6
tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 100 g pine nuts, 1 handful of fresh
rosemary, a little bit of salt, 80 g of raisins.

The steps are simple:

Preheat the oven up to 200 ° C and put the raisins in warm water.
Place the flour in a bowl, add a bit of salt, pour the water into the chestnut flour and stir until the paste is well mixed.

Dry the raisins and add them to the paste as well as the pine nuts and
the chopped walnuts (keep a small amount of these three ingredients to
create a crispy surface)

Prepare a flat casserole and fill in
the pase. Sprinkle the cake with nuts, raisins and pine nuts, add a bit
of oil on the top and bake the Castagnaccio for 30 minutes at 200
degrees (until a nice crust has formed) …

Oops, we almost forgot to tell you the “secret” ingredient! A small
amount of fresh rosemary, just before the cake goes into the oven


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