CHIESSI AND POMONTE between land and sea

Let your eyes look towards the sea, between the granite and the waves, fixing the deep blue sea and Corsica.

Small and isolated villages with an eventful history, once a popular destination for attacks by the Saracens, epic shipwrecks. Chiessi and Pomonte strive to keep their history alive.

Ancient residence of fishermen and farmers, the landscape is a mosaic of colorful fishing boats, white houses, stone walls and scrubland.  A walk through the old mule paths, that surrounds and connect them, where you will meet the latest vineyards and reach the ridge of San Bartolomeo, which stands out with its imposing granite masses. Here you will find the only remaining wall of the eponymous medieval church, from a time where hiding in the hills were meant to be the only hope of survival.

Strolling towards the sea, you will bump into the rock “Scoglio dell’Ogliera”, before Pomonte and if one looks down, you can see the wreck of Elviscott, resting in a depth of 12 meters on a clear sandy bottom.

The journey of the steemer Elviscott ended in the night of 10th January 1972: due to a breakdown and the stormy sea, he collided with a rock and became stuck. The crew was rescued and the cargo sank after some time completely in the depths.

Now the entire rear part of the ship is situated at the base of the rock, only 3 meters from the surface and it is a good retreat for many marine organisms and therefore you’ll find a biodiversity that is able to compete with the most renowned tropical reefs.

Snorkeling or diving near the wreck of Pomonte is easy and fun for the whole family. It can be easily reached from the beach in a pedal boat or kayak, you can also rent a boat or contact the area’s Diving Center.


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Silvia Bracci

Grafica Pubblicitaria fiorentina di nascita, Guida Ambientale Escursionistica elbana d'adozione. Corrispondente per i comuni di Marciana e Marciana Marina.

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