Elba: an island on four paws

Can I take my dog with me to the beach? Are there any dog beaches on the island? Is there a list of pet-friendly accomodations and restaurants? These are only some of the questions this article will answer – because your dog deserves a great holiday, too!

If you take your faithful four-pawed friend on holiday with you, make sure you choose a dog friendly destination, so that he can also have a good time; for example, if you plan to climb or dive, your furry friend would feel a bit out of place. The island of Elba has definitely a lot to offer to pets, but it is important to know the access rules in public places, including beaches.

Can I take my dog with me to the beach?

This is a right established by law, precisely law n. 59/2009 by the Regional Government of Tuscany, which authorizes dogs to access “all public areas and areas of public use, including gardens, parks and beaches.” Of course, like anywhere else, on the beach you have to make sure you respect other bathers, use a leash and, if required, a muzzle, as provided by the Ordinance of the Italian Ministry of Health, issued on 6th August 2013; according to the same Ordinance, dog owners must always remove any solid waste in all public places. You don’t want to leave the beach dirty, do you?

Is my dog allowed to swim?

According to the above mentioned regional law, dogs are allowed to swim from 8 pm until 8 am, but municipalities can issue ordinances that define different time frames. For example, in the municipalities of Capoliveri, Marciana and Marciana Marina, dogs are allowed to swim between 7
pm and 9 am. Usually, such ordinances, are effective from June until September.

Are there any dog beaches on the island?

In the municipality of Portoferraio there are several areas denominated “Bau Beach” (in Italian “Bau!” indicates the dog sound, just like “Woof!”) where dogs are allowed all the time. In the municipality of Rio nell’Elba, a portion of Nisporto beach, about 50 meter long, is reserved to pets in the period 1 June – 30 September. In the Porto Azzurro area, you can find the most famous dog beach of the island, Mola beach, whereas in Campo nell’Elba, you can take your dog to Fonza beach.

Can I take my dog on hiking trails?

The rules defined by the regional law apply for all public places. So, you can take your dog on hiking paths and trails, as long as they are leashed, to avoid nuisance to the wild fauna and to prevent being endangered by poisonous snakes and processionaries. Like in all other public places,
removing waste is mandatory: so, you must make sure you always have the necessary tools for that.

Is there a list of pet friendly accomodations and restaurants?

To discover the list of Elban accommodations that welcome pets, go to our page and “flag”, among the Services and Facilities, the box with Pets Welcomed.

Nevertheless, on the island, most of them do. When it comes to hotels and B&Bs, you can find out whether they are pet friendly on their website or on booking portals. Af for restaurants and bars, watch out for the sign “Dog/Pet friendly bar/restaurant” at the entrance.

What are the rules to travel with my dog on a ferry boat?

All the ferry boats to Elba have special regulations for the transportatin of pets. We recommended to check out with your ferry boat company in advance:
Moby Lines
Corsica Ferries

One last recommendation

We recommend to adopt all the precautions to prevent your dog from getting leshmaniasis: special antiparasitic and repellent products can be really life saving. Moreover, it is advisable to reduce or avoid night walks with your dog and make sure he sleeps in a room with a mosquito protection.

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