Elba at the time of Napoleon

This week we interviewed Gloria Peria, curator of the Associated Historical Archives of Elba.

She spoke to us of the forthcoming event organized as part of the Open Archives week sponsored by the Tuscan Region to promote its public archival and documentary heritage.
Elba at the time of Napoleon, is the key theme of the event which consists in a documentary Exhibition and of two-days of Historical Animation.
The Exhibition will be held at Portoferraio’s Historical Archive and will display documents and objects concerning Elba during the Napoleonic period. It will be open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 15.30 to 17.30.
The two days of Historical Animation will take place on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th November from 10.00 to 12.00, in the adjoining Sala San Salvatore hall.
The curator, Ms Peria, explains that the exhibition, expressly set up by the Historiae Cultural Association, will involve period furniture and other authentic decorations and items from the 19th century.

Nothing will be left to chance and every detail will faithfully reproduce characteristic settings of the early 19th century.
In the Sala San Salvatore, experts will converse on topics ranging from the customs and life style of the time to innovations introduced to Elba during the period of French government and the reign of Napoleon. During the conversations various Historiae Association members dressed in period costume will interact with the experts and members of the public.
So, this will not just be a show but also a real ‘dip into the past’, where the public will be able to get close to famous characters and themes from the past in a highly realistic way.

The event, open to the public and in particular to local schools, will be housed in the De Laugier Cultural Centre (in Salita Napoleone, Portoferraio).
We look forward to welcoming you there!
For more info, phone +39 0565 937371).

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