Couple trekking is one of the best ways to explore the romantic stretch of coast on the side of Rio Marina.

Among the most scenic routes, the so-called Path of Love is the most remarkable, of course. It starts from the Torre degli Appiani, in the town of Rio Marina, and ends on the beach of Ortano.

Along the route, you can find beaches and coves that can be reached by the paths descending towards the sea, to beaches such as Marina di Gennaro, Luisi D’Angelo and Porticciolo.

Continuing further, up to the Madonnella tip, you can find traces of old mining sites and about halfway along the path you can make a detour to the Observatory, a small abandoned hut located in a panoramic position with three stunning views on the bay of Ortano, on the coast and on the opposite

The Path of Love is suitable for all seasons but in the spring it is enriched by the scents and blooms of lavender, rosemary and chamomile plants. This spring, nature could not be admired by anyone, but it is now making itself even more beautiful with the blooms of wild orchids, for all lovers who will come visit in the coming months.

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