“A wind that enlivens the sea with foam and waves, painting our coasts in different colors, that carries the seeds of myrtle and rosemary to the land and matures prickly pears and grapes, that fills the fields with bloody red poppies and fertilizes the sea of new fish.” (Quote Mallardi, Levantazzo)

The description by Mallardi describes the Levant quite well.
The Levant is a weak wind in the western Mediterranean that blows from east to west. It’s a chilly and humid wind that brings fog and precipitation. The wind may be present at any time of year, but is most common between July and October. In the winter season it’s usually accompanied by heavy rain. The beaches of the island of Elba which are protected from the Levant are particularly fascinating. Check out our examples!

Beaches sheltered from the Levant

Beach in the village of Chiessi on the west coast of the island.
Beach type: pebble
ph aisoladelba

From Portoferraio, after 8 km from Marina di Campo, there is the beach of Fetovaia.
Type of beach: sand
ph aisoladelba

Small beach in the village of Pomonte, famous for the wreck of the Elviscott that is accessible from the beach.
Beach type: pebble

Follow the signs to St. Andrea, the beach is located about 6 km from Marciana
Type of beach: sand and rocks

Le Tombe
From Marina di Campo follow the indications on the main road, the beach is located about 16 km from the road.
Beach type: pebble
ph Elba solar

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