Since ancient times called the wind upset the minds, confusing and that stuns !! Before making important decisions, wait for it to calm down !!!
We are talking about the Scirocco is a warm wind from the south – east. It takes its name from Syria, from which breathes. It ‘a warm and humid wind. He blows frequently, with speeds up to 100 km / h, in spring and autumn when it peaked in March and November.
It ‘true that is a wind that in some people can lead a bit’ nervous but, when it is particularly intense, just reach the beaches of the other side and return the smile. The magic of ‘Elba is this, you can find your oasis without making you miss a day of vacation and relaxation!

Some beaches sheltered from the sirocco:

Nisporto and Nisportino
It reaches from Bagnaia follow the signs for Rio Elba – Nisporto for about 5 Km.
Type of beach: pebbles and sand.
ph Elbartrip

You are reached, taking direction from Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro. After about 4 km we find, on the left, the deviation for Bagnaia.
Type of beach: Sand & Gravel

Le Ghaie
Located near the center of Portoferraio behind the public gardens.
Beach type: Gravel

You are reached, starting from Portoferraio, towards Enfola after 1 km follow the detour Capobianco.

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Chiara Luciani

Biologa marina, istruttrice e guida ambientale subacquea. Comunicare e divulgare le bellezze del mondo marino sono da sempre la mia passione e il mio lavoro.

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