A wind that brings a lot of fun in autumn for windsurfing, when reaching a strong intensity on certain beaches. We are talking about the so-called Ponente, or Zephyr, which blows from the west.
Usually in the summer time it is perceptible as a sea breeze. It’s particularly present in the region of Tuscany and Lazio. Considering that it’s a wind that comes from the sea it always brings some humidity with it. Do not worry, even if the intensity is particularly strong, on Elba you’ll find plenty of sheltered places where you can relax and enjoy your holidays.

Some sheltered beaches

Naregno: Approximately 2.5 km from Capoliveri you find the beach of Naregno, just follow the signs.
Type of beach: sand
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Barbarossa: Turn right and follow the signs to the beach of Barbarossa, immediately after Porto Azzurro heading to Rio Nell’Elba.
Type of beach: sand
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Real: From Porto Azzurro heading to Rio Nell’Elba, immediately after the beach of Barbarossa, follow the signs on the right hand to reach the beach of Reale and Terranera.
Type of beach: sand and pebbles

Ortano: It is about 2 km from the town of Rio Marina. Well signposted.
Type of beach: sand and pebbles
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Topinetti: Take the road that leads to Cavo, immediately after Rio Marina you find the indications for the beach.
Type of beach: sand and pebbles
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Cala Seregola: Approximately 2km after Rio Marina, on the road to Cavo. Just follow the signs.
Type of beach: sand and pebbles
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