The motto by Nico Valsesia is “Fatigue does not exist“.

Nico is not only a ski instructor, runner, trailer, cyclist, creator and race organizer but he’s also the one who holds the record of ascending to the highest volcano on the planet (Ojos del Salado, Chile).

He’s also known for the Aconcagua adventure where, in 22 hours and 41 minutes of ascent, he covered by cycling and running the entire altitude difference that separates Las Ventanas beach (near Viña del Mar) from the Aconcagua, the Americas highest peak. On this occasion he achieved the new world record for covering the greatest positive difference in altitude: from 0 to 6963 meters.

Over the years, Nico has been facing a long series of extreme activities, gaining, together with the sports achievements, a huge following of fans and sport’s addict who support him and accompany him in many of his adventures.
You also can meet him on the island of Elba on Dove Academy set, from May 11th to 14th. It will be possible to spend four days in contact with nature moving by bike or on foot along the Mountain bike or trekking trails.

Why did Dove choose just Nico? Because he looks amused as those who are happy to live the sport all the way. Because to him the rule of fun always precedes the word challenge. And even because he often repeats that “Anything always works if done with passion!

He adds:

“I practiced sport at all levels, but for me it always means passion and fun. Here is what I would like to make clear to those who will follow me on the island of Elba  “Whatever you do, you have to do it with passion. And sport, even agonistic, is first and foremost fun.” Nico is lucky enough to do with his life what he can do at his best.

The project “From Zero To” was born from the union of his two main passions, cycling and ultratrail: the “no stop” rise from the sea level to the top of the highest and most significant peaks of Italy and the world.

This is a project that perfectly match with Elba experience: “from 0 to 1000: from the sea to the top of Mount Capanne”.

From 0 to 1000″ represents the opportunity for anyone to explore the Island of Elba and enjoy not only the seascapes but also the mountain landscapes, from the Natural Park of the Tuscan Archipelago to the various landscapes that the Island of Elba can offer.

Going from “0 to 1000” allows you to experience the sea in the traditional way, enriching it with an experience that, at high altitudes, makes you aware of the beauty of the island and its entire territory.

In a short time you can have the chance to be on top of the highest peak of the Tuscan archipelago.

Thousands are not just the 1019 meters of Mount Capanne. Thousands are the opportunities to practice sports both on land and sea. Thousands are the peculiarities of the island and the scenarios related to the exploration of Elba.

Nature, fauna, flora, minerals, crystals, fossils. And still rocks, cliffs, islets, bays. The many different types of beaches, the different views and perfumes. And in the evenings, you can enjoy the well-deserved rest maybe accompanied by typical Elban recipes and good wine.

Everyone can take part in this event that provides pathways differentiated by type of audience, taking into account the different physical training conditions.

The outdoor sporting activities offer to those who join it for the first time and is not trained an experience that goes from 0 (slow) to 1000 (fast)!

It is the outdoor sporting offer for those who are passionate about biking, hiking and trekking.
So you have no excuses.
Thousands shades of Elba are waiting for you!

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