Every inhabitant of the sea has its own special charm for the colors of its livery, for its camouflage ability or for the particular behavior that it has in its own environment.

However there are some of them that could leave you with eyes full of wonder much more than others.

Have you ever seen an Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola)?

The sea has designed something really weird!

The Ocean Sunfish is a bony fish of the family of Molidae. Its body is disk-shaped and can be up to 300 cm in size and 2000 Kg of weight. It is often found on the surface, passively drifting by the sea and currents.

It feeds on squid, jellyfish and larvae. A pelagic fish absolutely harmless for us “little” humans who have the luck to spot it in the underwater world.

It has a particular shape because its dorsal and anal fins are opposite and have the shape of an oar. Furthermore it is devoid of tail but has a hem in the back part of the body.

The Sea of Elba Island also gives the encounter of these wonderful giants of the sea!

Come see with your own eyes!

Ph Marco Solieri

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