Octopus in humid

One of the most delicious dishes of the Elban tradition it’s the typical octopus in humid….

For you the receipt directly from the website Elba Taste

1,5 kg of Rock Octopus, 800gr of potatoes, 500 grams of onions, 15o grams of tomato sauce, a glass of white wine, chili, a little brench of rosmarino, extra virgin oil, salt.

Cut the octopus in rather big pieces and similar to each other, cook together with the onions after having made them blond in the oil. When the octopus got a good red colour than pour the wine. Leave it evaporate and add the tomato sauce with some water. Salt gently. Add the chili and leave it to cook for 30 mins covered. Put eventually the potatoes cut into thin slices and the rosmarino, check the taste and if it is necessary add some more water to finish the cooking. Before serving let it rest for a couple of mins taking the exceeding oil out.

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