Posidonia oceanica: The lung of the Mediterranean

Quite unpopular among swimmers because considered as annoying alga the Posidonia oceanica actually is a plant that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. It is an important part of the sea’s ecosystem and protected by national and interational rules.

Learn to observe from a different perspective

So as we’ve told the Posidonia is a plant and not an alga but where’s the difference? Plants consist in a trunk, blossoms and fruits, algae do not have this structure. They are equiped with a talus, a sort of a small pillow that with its rhizomes works as an anchor.

The Posidonia is very important for the following reasons:

1) It produces oxygen (A meadow of 1m2 produces about 14 litres oxygen per day)
2) It works as a natural barrier for shores and beaches
3) It is the ideal habitat for numerous organisms, not only fish but also invertebrates

Do you know that sea horses love to live between the leaves of the Posidonia? Take your diving equipment and start your discovery tour in the depths of the elban sea.

On the island of Elba you’ll find large meadows of Posidonia which are particularly beautiful. For your holidays we recommend you a plunge into the biodiversity of our Mediterranean with its rich ecosystem.

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