This week we intervieved Andrea Isolani for you, he is Elban and passionate about astronomy.
Andrea is part of the association “Associazioni astrofili elbani” (astrophile elbans) that exists already since 1998 organising events regarding astronomy and star gazing for the public as well as for schools.
Many internationally known scientists have been invited to Elba island during the last years: Prof. Franco Pacini (former president of the International Association of Astronomy), Prof. Andrea Preite Martinez (head of the Insitute of Astrophysics cnr Frascati) and the unforgotten Prof. Margherita Hack (head of the Trieste Observatory during many years).
We ask Andrea for the best places on Elba to enjoy the spectacle and he suggests locations like Monte Perone, Aia di Cacio (Rio nell’Elba), Monte Calamita or the road between Fetovaia and Pomonte where you can see the Milky Way (during moonless nights).
Andrea explains us that even the famous philosopher Kant emphasized the relation between humans and the sky (from “The Critique of Practical Reason”):

“Two things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” 
With their engagement the association aims to promote the idea of the universe being like a big net, in which every phenomen is connected to another.

We’d like to welcome you on the upcoming summer events:

25.06. Portoferraio, hall of  Gran Guardia: Conference by the president of the Association Astrophile in Montagna Pistoises about asterioids
15.07. Amphitheatre Rio Marina: Conference followed by an observation
18.07. Portoferraio: Cape of Enfola: In cooperation with Robert Fiaschi from “The group of time to reflect”, title of the evening “Poetry under the starlight” . Everyone is invited to share a text related to nature. Adriano Pierulivo, poet and teacher with elban origins will present the poetical part of the evening.
30.07. Marciana, piazzale Fortezza Pisana: Manifestation Marciana Scienza 2015, conference with Prof. Vincenzo Minciulli for Physics and passionate astrophiler, followed by an observation.
12.08. Rio nell’Elba, loc. Aia di Cacio. A great place to admire falling stars during August
23.08. Rio Marina, Amphitheatre: Conference followed by observation

To contact the association mail to or call 349 6481927 (Andrea).
Picture: Milkyway from the archiv of Astronomy Picture of the day.  Ph:  Bill Dickinson


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