The aquarium of Elba

On Elba there is a place where you can discover the marine biodiversity without even putting on your diving mask, snorkel and flippers: We are talking about the aquarium of Elba.

It has been augurated in 1992 thanks to the passion and competence of Yuri Tiberto, a place where you can experience the sea without even getting wet. It is a private facility and used to be one of the best equiped mediterrannean aquariums.
It is set up with 80 tanks containing a total amount of 250.000 litres of sea water on an area of 1.000 square meters.

You’ll find all mediterranean species here, from the depth to the surface, and info boards that provide you with all specific information.

The aquarium was the home of Paul, the octopus that became famous during the World Championship 2010 due to its “predecting” ability.

The aquarium is fully dedicated to environmental protection and sensibilisation. It has an important value for schools since children have the possibility to study the marine ambience.

The aquarium also collaborates with numerous organisations in order to protect the sea turtles hosting them when its necessary.
A very special aquarium since it was established with the aim to protect the environment and the beauty of the sea.
Once visited this place the sea of Elba won’t seem mysterious any more and you’ll be ready to grab your diving equipment starting your personal discovery tour.

The aquarium of Elba is situated in Marina di Campo, Segagnana

Phone 0565.977885 – Fax 0565.976631
Contact: Yuri Tiberto

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