On the island of Elba there are several fountains powered by sources of water. Three of them are especially noteworthy, both because of their location and because of their connection to celebrities who were strictly related to the island.

Fountain of the Canali: with five brass mouths, it is located in Rio nell’Elba and is fed by the same source as the nearby public washhouse. In former times, the fountain used to feed the canals, which moved more than twenty mills in the valley below. To commemorate the abundance of water in the area, a plaque was placed by the fountain.

Fountain of Coppi: it is located on the road that leads from Rio nell’Elba to Porto Azzurro; it was named after the cycling champion Fausto Coppi because, in the summer of 1958, during his vacation on the island, he used to pass by here every day during his training laps to fill his bottle with fresh water.

Fountain of Napoleon: it is located in Poggio, in the municipality of Marciana, and originates from a source on Mount Capanne. The fountain, formerly known as Acquaviva, was also appreciated by Napoleon who used to drink its “beneficial” waters to find refreshment from his little ailments, as can be read on the marble slab placed next to the niche from which the water flows.

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