Are you ready!? The Grape Festival is around the corner (october 2-4, 2015 in Capoliveri)…

Strolling through the narrow streets you will find a variety of colors and joy, the streets will be full of people who are ready to welcome you with a glass of delicious wine. Take a plunge into a parallel existence!

The secret of success of the grape festival is that the whole island participates: people who are proud to celebrate their traditions, a whole city, moments of inspiration and a great experience for visitors.

 The four districts of the village – Fosso, Baluardo, Fortezza and Torre – will compete in games and competitions under the banner of the vintage: Don’t miss out on the contests like footraces with barres or the grape contest. In addition, there will be tastings and encounters, carefully organized with an eye for the details.

The participants passion is truly impressive: Everybody contributes with a part of himself, with a good humor and personal skills. And this is what makes a difference: The love for every single details (streets decorated with grapes, colorful pavilions, handmade dough for fresh bread or the traditional „Frati caldi“).

Of course we will be there, so follow us on hashtag#elbauva15 and do not miss a moment of this fabulous edition!



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