The island of Elba: a destination for lovers

Are you planning to spend a romantic weekend on the island of Elba with your partner? We have collected for you the 4 most suggestive destinations for lovers to draw inspiration

The beach of Innamorata 

The beach of Innamorata, south of Capoliveri, is a splendid 280-meter stretch of sand overlooking the Gemini islets, which are reachable by swimming or by boat.

The beach is the setting of a romantic legend: in 1534, two bethroted lovers, Lorenzo and Maria, were separated by the pirate Barbarossa, who kidnapped Lorenzo to make him a slave. Maria, as an act of love, jumped off a rock into the sea in the attempt to save him but never re-emerged. Only her shawl was found.

Every 14th July, to celebrate the boundless love of the two betrothed lovers, a torchlight procession in sixteenth-century costumes takes place by the clear and crystalline water of the beach, with a romantic sunset in the background …

However, you can enjoy this beach at any time!

Historical center of Portoferraio

Sguardi dal cielo

A nice walk in the historical center of Portoferraio makes an amazing experience and makes an alternative idea to spend a romantic morning. Discovering places rich in history and culture, enchanting urban views and the scents of local specialities coming from little, hidden restaurants, are a perfect way to spend some hours of pure leisure.

We also recommend a visit to the several monuments and tourist attractions in town, such as the Palazzina dei Mulini, Napoleon’s main residence on Elba, the Medici Fortresses (mighty fortifications overlooking beautiful landscapes) the Theater of Vigilanti, Fort Falcone, the Tower of Linguella and the Medicean Dock. These are just the highlights, but when it comes to culture, Portoferraio has much more to offer.

Borgo al Cotone

To the east of the seafront in Marciana Marina, there is a small hidden jewel. Set among the typical coves of the north-western side of the island, Borgo al Cotone is a tiny, enchanting village that bewitches its visitors.

A timeless place, it flaunts its uniqueness to visitors, with its colorful houses contrasting with the turquoise sea, the air always smelling of salt, the fishermen who pull the “gozzi” (fishing boats) to the shore by hand to unload the catch of the day, the laundry that hangs at the windows overlooking the tiny streets. Everything here makes you feel at home.

In short: it is the most romantic, unusual place you can imagine, where time seems to have stopped. Borgo al Cotone is also the ideal background for pictures that will make great memories for couples!

Hermitage of Saint Catherine and Orto dei Semplici Elbano – Botanical Garden


If you love nature and want to experience one of the most energetic places on the island of Elba, the walk that leads to the Hermitage of Saint Catherine will give you strong emotions. You can leave your car in Rio nell’Elba or drive up to the beginning of the path leading to the Hermitage.

 In a few minutes you will enter an old-times atmosphere in a wide open field with a view over the sea, the ancient iron mines of Rio and Mount Giove.

 In its simplicity, the Hermitage of Saint Catherine has always given energy to visitors. The nextdoor botanical garden is a concentrated treasure of biodiversity, with medicinal herbs and ancient fruits of Elba. The hermitage also hosts a very precious bee yard. Once you are in this area, you can also decide to continue on the path that leads to the top of Mount Serra, one of the best spots to watch birds of prey.

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