The rebirth of the island of Elba in spring

Like every year, after a cold winter, the island of Elba burst into life.
Flora and fauna wake up, the island is covered with colorful flowers and animated by birds coming out of hibernation, or just migrating from far off places.

It is March 21st and the spring season begins. From the bedroom window, a morning breeze brings the scent of flowers into your room. Rosemary, heather, tulip and broom are immediately recognizable, smells that are typical on the island. What an energizing and invigorating start of the

Outside, you can feel the air has changed. You can hear a solitary sparrow chirping: it stands on a cliff, you can recognize it is a specimen of this rare species by the light blue plumage, that becomes brighter in this time of the year. You have to get closer to observe it with discretion, without disturbing it, because this is mating season. When it flies away, it performs a nuptial flight with accompanying vocal notes, always beautiful to see and hear.

On the beach, with your feet pointed towards the sea, you can take advantage of the splendid day to take a stroll; the weather is generous, you can even take a nice bath! But if you look towards the sea, jumping dolphins can catch your attention. They often enjoy accompanying boats for
certain stretches of sea, and even if they inhabit the island all year round, in spring, when nature wakes up, you are more likely to spot them. In addition, the island of Elba is part of the Cetacean Sanctuary, a vast protected area that extends between France, the Principality of Monaco and
Italy, where sightings of magnificent whales and fin whales are also increasingly frequent!

A day like this is also perfect for a relaxing walk on Monte Perone, starting from its slopes. In the midst of peaceful nature, you can listen to the sounds of the forest and of the animals, and you can enjoy watching butterflies flying and alighting on beautiful flowers in the nearby meadows

It is no coincidence that a little further on you come across the “Butterfly Sanctuary”, a place that seems to belong to another time. The Sanctuary is one of Elba’s most unique attractions, which collects many species of lepidoptera, some of which are native on the island – and very rare to

Along the path, views and glimpses rich in colors and scents; slowly the sun goes down and plunges into the blue and transparent sea waters, which hosts many other forms of life. Tuna, white breams, sea bass … the big variety of fish species which inhabit the island, peep out fromthe surface of the water.
The sunset, today, has different shades, warmer and more enveloping than usual. In the midst of nature, you feel reborn!

PH: Roberto Ridi

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