Do you know what PAT means? It’s the acronym for the tuscan food pyramid (Piramide Alimentare Toscana).

It’s already been a while since scientific studies confirm that our well-being depends in large part on personal lifestyle, including our eating habits.

Healthy food and sport are two important rules, and both make part of the elban lifestyle. Sports such as swimming or long walks on trekking trails are ideal to stay in form allover the year.

The Tuscan Food Pyramid PAT is the first concept that integrates local products and people’s lifestyle including even cultural  traditions.

Stay tuned and discover with us the six levels of the nutrition pyramid and food 100% Elba, healthy and delicious.

The first level contains fruits and vegetables which should be on your menu few times a day.

Here you go with a yummy recipe from our Chef Alvaro Claudi that helps you to remain in shape enjoying the full taste.


The “Gurguglione” is based on stewed vegetables similar to other traditional mediterranean dishes.

The most famous one is the “Ratatouille”. During summer it was used to be prepared regularly since the abundant occurence  of vegetables on the island. A popular snack for miners and field workers sometimes refined with some boiled meat, fish or eggs.

It may owes its name to the gargling sound during cooking. In Capoliveri it is called “Gaspaccio”, traditionally served with an egg.

Ingredients for six persons

600 g coloured peppers, 3 big aubergines, 400 g zucchini, 300 g mature tomatoes, 3 onions, basil, salt, olive oil


Wash the peppers and cut them into gross pieces. Remove large parts of the aubergine’s zest and cut them into cubes of 2 cm, go ahead with the zucchini. Cut the onions into slices and roast them in a pan until they have a golden colour, add some salt. Add the peppers, the zucchinis and finally the aubergines. Roast the vegetables and finally add the tomatoes to create some colour. Cover the pan and allow to cook for half an hour. Finally add some salt and basil. In case your Gurguglione is very liquid you can add some fine slices of potatoes during cooking.



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