The visit of the laundry in Rio Elba is one of the experiences you should not miss.

This location is one of the most photographed places in Rio Elba. Tourists (but not only!) love the effect when you put the camera exactly on the border of the tubes: The result are magnificent pictures, due to the particular architecture of the location which creates a beautiful reflection with the spring water.

Altough the laundry looks flawless – it has been restored recently – it is antique.

Rio is a beautiful village and proud of its origins.

On the entrance you find these interesting informations:

The fountain of Canali. The abundant water resources has been always considered as a richness of our territory, during summer, in dry seasons. Rio owes its name to the expression “rivus”, that refers to this fountain that has been used by our origins: Mining workers and farmers. Along the valley were construced vanes in order to run 22 mills. The produced flour were given to the workes as kind of a salary. Today, the water that does not get stored anymore flows through the wheels of the mills that are still preserved.

The laundry of Rio Elba, close to “I Canali”, is open daily from the morning until evening (free entrance).

For further information call 0565 943428/943459 or send us an e-mail:

Ph:  L. Canovaro


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